Kurdish separatism in Turkey

Turkey Detains Nearly 300 Alleged IS, PKK Members in Police Raids

Turkish authorities detained nearly 300 people as police launched large-scale raids to arrest suspected members of Islamic State (IS), the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and other militant groups on Friday.

The raids became necessary after a wave of deadly violence has recently gripped the country, claiming the lives of several security officers.

A deep security gap over local ISIL members

Years ago, when I was working for daily Radikal, I and our Ankara representative, Murat Yetkin, had a chat with a top-level security official. At those times, there was al-Qaeda. That official said, ?Turkey is catching dozens of al-Qaeda members each month and we are handing them over to our international interlocutors in appropriate ways.? Then he added this was strictly off the record. 

In photos: Mourning, anger during funerals following terror attacks in Turkey

Funerals for the 32 victims of an ISIL bombing and two policemen killed by the PKK have produced scenes of mourning and anger in Turkey in the past few days. A masked protester is seen in Istanbul's Gazi district on July 22 in this AFP photo from Yasin Akgül. Click through for more

HDP has inorganic link to PKK: Erdo?an

President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an has toughened his position against the People?s Democratic Party (HDP) by implying that it has ties with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) and acts as a parliamentary extension of the PKK. Erdo?an?s statement came only two days after HDP officials called the PKK to disarm and cease armed conflict against Turkey.