Kyustendil Province

Southeastern Bulgaria is at the Bottom in the EU of Young People with Secondary Education

The south-eastern Bulgarian region is among the 23 regions in the EU with the smallest share of young people who have completed secondary education, according to Eurostat data for 2021.

There, less than three-quarters of the 20- to 24-year-old population have a high school diploma.

Bulgarian TV Crew Attacked in Serbia

The team of the investigative journalism show on the Bulgarian National Television "Traces Remain" was attacked in Bosilegrad during photos of environmental pollution in the border regions.

There are no casualties from the team, and the equipment has minimal damage, the host and producer of the show Bogdana Lazarova told BNT.

Bulgarian Census 2021: 5.2 Million People or 78% of the Population have been Counted so far

The census is slow - only 78 percent of people have been counted so far, and the deadline is Sunday, October 10, said at a press conference the head of the National Statistical Institute Sergei Tsvetarski.

Another extension will not help, and the data will become out of date, he said.

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Approves Six European Delegated Prosecutors

Meeting on Friday, the 11-member Prosecutors Chamber of the Supreme Judicial Council approved six European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs) from Bulgaria after two days of hearings of all applicants for the position. A total of 23 Bulgarian magistrates (6 judges, 15 prosecutors and 2 investigating magistrates) applied for the position.

Yellow Code for Dangerous Heat in Bulgaria, up to 40 Degrees

The heat continues - both on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon thermometers will fluctuate between 33 and 38 degrees almost all over the country. Exceptions are the areas around the Black Sea coast, where the temperatures will be two or three less. A yellow code for dangerous hot weather is in force for 25 districts.

Cherry Fest in Kyustendil

The Orchard of Bulgaria - Kyustendil annually dedicates a few days of June to the Kyustendil cherries.

The exhibition of the orchard fruits in the country began in the town of Kyustendil in 1896, when the First National Fruit Growing Exhibition was established and the town received the title "Mother of Bulgarian Fruit Growing".

Kyustendil Police Seized 16 kg of Heroin in Private House

Sixteen kilos of heroin were seized from a house in the village of Konyavo, near Kyustendil, in a raid in the late afternoon on Friday by the local police and the local unit for organized crime control, Kyustendil Police Spokesperson Katya Tabachka said on Saturday.
 The heroin was divided in 29 packets.

Bulgaria: April Comes with Weather Surprises, Snow on Election Day

A Mediterranean cyclone will remind Bulgarians of winter on election day. The low atmospheric pressure zone is expected to form along the Adriatic coast at the beginning of the weekend, and on Sunday its center will cross Greece and head for the Black Sea. At the same time, a portion of cold Arctic air will also sweep in from the northwest to the Balkans.