Kyustendil Province

Prosecutor's Office Launched an Investigation into Bobov Dol Thermal Power Plant

The District Prosecutor's Office in the town of Dupnitsa on January 17 launched an investigation into Bobov Dol Thermal Power Plant (TPP) for crimes against public health and the environment. Pre-trial proceedings for a commited crime have been initiated, BNT reported.

Hepatitis A Boom in Bobov Dol

Hepatitis A boom in Bobov Dol. According to official data from RHI-Kyustendil, epidemic outbreaks were registered in some places. There are 25 registered cases for the past three months in the region.

Parents of children from the city expressed their concern. They don't believe that the municipality is taking sufficient measures to curb the disease.

New over € 5 million will be Invested in the Border Region Between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia

Over EUR 10.3 million have been invested since the start of the current programming period so far in the municipalities of the border region of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia under the cross-border cooperation program.

The “Cherry Festival” in the "Fruit Garden of Bulgaria" - Kyustendil Begins

The 12th Cherry Festival in Kyustendil promises a lot of good mood, attractions, tastings, competitions and awards. Kyustendil is most famous for its healing mineral water. But during the beginning of the summer the town becomes the cherry capital of Bulgaria -  famous as the Fruit Garden of Bulgaria.

Five Measles Cases Registered in the Area of Kyustendil

Two measles outbreaks have been registered in the region of Kyustendil, the Regional Health Inspection - Kyustendil told Focus Radio - Kyustendil. One outbreak is in the town of Bobov Dol, with three sick people, and the other one is in Dupnitsa with two sick people. For the past week, the measles cases in the area are nine.