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Norway’s leftwing opposition wins general election

Norway's left-wing opposition headed by Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Store won Sept. 13's general election after a campaign dominated by questions about the future of the key oil industry in Western Europe's largest producer.

The left-wing unseated a center-right coalition headed by Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg since 2013.

EP Set to Guarantee Labor Mobility within EU, Ensure Fair Working Conditions for All

Labour mobility within the EU should be made easier for workers as well as for employers, with clearer rules to ensure fair, equality-based working conditions. This is the aim of a report drafted by European People's Party MEP Radan Kanev and his team before the start of the corona-crisis, a report that has acquired particular importance in light of the restrictions connected with the pandemic.

Bulgarian MEP Radan Kanev: Mobile Workers’ Rights Are Underprotected

A key right of European citizens is to work in each Member State, but the right of small businesses to work across borders and offer their services in the EU must be seen as something positive, not as a brain candy for sly political populists trying to present them in a negative light," said Democratic Bulgaria MEP Radan Kanev at an online briefing on the EP resolution on labour mobility in the

Exit polls: Conservatives won majority, awaiting official results; Johnson: Celebrate

According to the exit poll, Boris Johnson's Conservatives are projected to win 368 seats in the House of Commons, versus 191 for the Jeremy Corbin's Labour Party, BBC reports.
Polling stations are closed at 10 pm local time, with the first official results expected in the next seven hours.

Study: Boris Johnson to Win Early Elections

Early parliamentary elections in the UK will be won by the ruling Conservative Party of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to a study on the circulation tabloid Daily Mail, quoted by Reuters.

Conservatives have the support of 34% of Britons. Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party is 8 points behind with the support of 26 percent of the voters.

Labour Pact conference to discuss market trends, skilled labour shortage

Skilled labour shortage and its impact on companies, attracting skill labour and surveying market trends are some of the subjects to be discussed on Wednesday at a Labour Pact conference in Cluj-Napoca. "Romania needs a stable, predictable economy, where economic laws are not changed every year, an economy where the country's budget is built on real bases.