Two firefighters injured in Mani blaze

Two firemen were injured while battling a large blaze that started earlier on Wednesday in a forested area of Sidirokastro, in eastern Mani, in the Peloponnese, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported.

Twenty eight firefighters with 14 vehicles and two crews on foot were on the scene, helped by two Canadair and two Pezetel aircraft, but strong winds were hampering their efforts.

Second loggerhead sea turtle found dead in Laconia

A loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) was found dead by officials from the Port Authority of Gytheion at the beach of Chalikia Vatta, in the eastern part of the Mani peninsula, authorities said on Sunday.

This is the second sea turtle of its kind found dead in the region of Laconia, after one was located on Saturday on the island of Elafonisos.

Inspectors target illegal olive oil production and trafficking

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue is launching targeted inspections at olive oil production units in central and southern Greece after data pointed to income hiding and tax evasion in this sector.

Checks will focus on the areas where these phenomena are most common, such as Crete, the Peloponnese (Messinia, Argolida and Laconia) and Fthiotida in central Greece.

Tower towns in Greece (PHOTOS)

Beautifully preserved stone-built settlements and fortified towns spread all over Greece form a harmonious combination of local architecture and western influences. Silent witnesses of the country’s fascinating history are the ideal settings for you to rediscover romance.

Melitzazz 2017 | Tsakonia | To July 9

The Tsakonian language, with its foundations in the Doric dialect, the Tsakonian dance with its roots in the myths of Apollo, local traditions, hospitality and the extraordinary natural environment are all part of the 12th annual Melitzazz Festival. The festival is an international gathering of cultures in the village of Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia.