Lamb and mutton

Greeks Flock to Bulgarian Markets as Lamb Prices Soar Ahead of Easter

As Easter approaches, Greeks are facing the highest lamb prices in recent years, prompting many to seek alternatives across the border in Bulgaria. Local farmers in Greece report that lamb meat prices are expected to soar to 15 euros per kilogram, driving consumers to explore other options for their holiday feasts.

Bulgarian Sheep Breeders: Lamb for Easter will be between BGN 25 and BGN 29 per kilogram

Lamb for the Easter holidays will cost between BGN 25 and BGN 29 per kilogram. The exact price will depend on the cut. Simeon Karakolev, co-chairman of the National Sheep and Goat Breeding Association, stated this on the Bulgarian National Television.

He assured that the price of lamb this year will remain almost unchanged and if there is an increase, it will be minimal.

Lamb meat prices cause controversy

Meat product prices have stirred a controversy between the heads of the associations of breeders and butchers.

Reacting to reports saying that meat prices could be hiked 24 percent in the upcoming days, Nihat Çelik, the head of the sheep and goat breeders' association TÜDKİYEB, accused butchers and brokers of unfair pricing, labeling them as "the meat lobby."

No Change in the Price of Bulgarian Lamb for May 6

Prices of lamb for St. George's Day remain unchanged. 80% the Bulgarian meat was sold on the Easter market. This is reported by the National Sheep and Goat Association. The remaining 20% will be sold for May 6th. The amount will satisfy the needs for St. George's Day." The price of the lamb at Easter ranged between 14-16 BGN per kilogram.

Lamb demand set to plummet

Due to the extraordinary conditions that will apply this year for the celebration of both Roman Catholic Easter on Sunday, April 12, and Orthodox Easter on April 19, market demand for lambs and goats is expected to decrease significantly.

Where is the Мost Еxpensive Мeat in the European Union?

In the European Union, meat is the most expensive to sell in Austria, according to Eurostat price data published in the Member States in 2018.

At a price index of 100 for the European Union, Austria ranks first with an index of 146. Second place is Luxembourg (142), France (131) and Belgium (126).