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Staikoura touts benefits of up to eight billion euros in liquidity from EU pandemic package for Greece  

Finance minister Christos Staikouras welcomed the results of the historic Eurogroup pandemic rescue package which he depicted as a satisfactory but hardly optimal compromise.

Staikouras said that Greece's three main demands were met.

The first is direct liquidity for businesses which will not be laid out through banks.

Prosecutor in Koukaki case says evidence points to misdemeanors

Commenting a day after a government minister called for tough charges against anarchists evicted from squats in Koukaki over the weekend, the head of the Athens prosecutor's office, Evangelos Ioannidis, said that the evidence submitted to judicial officials by police justified misdemeanor charges, not felonies.

Prosecutor rejects criticism over ‘lenient’ charges for Koukaki anarchists

The head of Athens' Proseutors office Evangelos Ioannidis on Tuesday pushed back against accusations that the misdemeanor charges filed against twenty people arrested last Saturday in an operation to remove anarchists from two squats in central Athens were too lenient.

Koukaki squatters say police targeted ‘random individuals’ in raid

The events that transpired during a riot police raid in the district of Koukaki on Wednesday morning to clear a squat were further blurred on Thursday after people claiming to be the occupants of the building targeted said the family members who were eventually arrested had nothing to do with their squat.

Iconic Antalya hotel put up for sale

A luxury hotel with 553 rooms and 1,209 beds in the resort town of Kemer will be auctioned for a minimum value of 144 million Turkish Liras (nearly $24.4 million).

The appraised value of the property, which also includes thousands of trees and ornamental plants, is twice as much of the minimum auction value, according to a report prepared as part of a foreclosure decree.

Woman charged over leasing fraud in Thessaloniki

A 35-year-old woman in Thessaloniki has been accused of defrauding prospective tenants by renting them an apartment in the city center that she did not own.
More specifically, the suspect put the apartment up for rent on residential rental websites. According to reports, she conned a total of four people, who gave her down payments for the apartment between September 23 and 29.

New York’s Tallest Apartment Building

The cheapest apartment in a 472-meter skyscraper costs $ 6.9 million.

Americans represented the tallest apartment building in the world. The 472-meter tower is located in Manhattan, New York.

Construction workers are still installing its glass panels, but the media has been allowed to reach the 123rd floor, which offers spectacular views of Central Park and the Hudson River.