Land transport

Trakia Highway near Stara Zagora to Bourgas is Opened for Traffic

The traffic on the Trakia highway in the section from Chirpan to Stara Zagora in the direction of Bourgas has already been launched. The repairs there lasted longer than originally announced and in the middle of the summer season led to huge traffic jams on the way to the sea. At the end of next week, the traffic to Sofia will be restored.

We better go on foot

Namely, as we were told, the biggest problem is in the area of the Blue Bridge.
"The biggest crowds were reported to us at Konjarnik. These are parts near the Blue Bridge, Ustanika Street, as well as Autokomanda. We have no information whether there were any accidents, but we were told that there were too many vehicles on the streets," representatives of the Yellow Taxi told B92.

Woman fights for justice after cousin killed in road accident

Following her cousin's death in a traffic accident in 2012, a woman has been fighting a legal battle ever since against the driver involved, who received a milder sentence.

In 2012, a car hit Gökhan Demir in Istanbul while he was trying to cross the street. Demir lost his life after staying in a coma for nine days.