New prospects for East Med

The "Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act" submitted to the US Congress by Senators Robert Menendez and Marco Rubio that essentially upgrades the geopolitical roles of Greece and Cyprus is seen in Athens as a reflection of Washington's renewed interest and growing involvement in the region. 

Premature celebrations

The rift in Turkey's relations with the United States - prompted by its decision to acquire a Russian missile defense system in defiance of Washington's objections - in tandem with the consolidation of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel alliance  has, not unjustifiably, raised national expectations over Greece's geopolitical future.

State of emergency in Lasithi after heavy rainfall

General Secretary for Civil Protection Yiannis Tafyllis on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in the municipality of Oropedio in the Cretan prefecture of Lasithi due to damage from heavy rainfall over the past few days.
The bad weather has wreaked serious damage to roads, homes, businesses and particularly to crops.

3 bodies found on Rhodes beaches over the weekend

Greece's coast guard says it has found the bodies of three fully clothed men on two beaches on the island of Rhodes.

The first body was found Saturday afternoon on Afantou beach on the eastern side of the island. A second body was found Sunday morning on the same beach and a little later a third corpse was discovered on nearby Faliraki beach.

Authorities to unveil safety measures for Navagio beach following rockfall

Seven months after the landslide at the iconic Navagio (shipwreck) beach on the Ionian island of Zakynthos which left one tourist injured, a geology expert said Greek authorities are ready to install safety measures to protect visitors from potential danger.