Rents well below asking rates

The house price rally has inflated the expectations of rental property owners who are trying to maximize their monthly income. Comparing the prices asked in classified ads with those included in lease agreements, it turns out that the discrepancies are large.

Landlords making excessive demands on potential tenants

High rents are not the only problem tenants looking for a new apartment have to deal with in Türkiye, as those who are lucky enough to find a house they can afford also need to meet several "tough" conditions imposed by landlords before they move in.

Property owners started to seek additional assurances from potential occupants last year as some tenants failed to pay their rents.

Exhobitant rent hikes force tenants to share rooms

Rental pressures are forcing people to switch from sharing apartments, a common practice among university students, to sharing rooms, just like in dormitories, with sometimes up to eight people struggling to accommodate in a single room.

In response to the soaring demand, in recent weeks, room-sharing listings have started to come to the fore on rental platforms online.

Landlord, tenant conflicts overwhelm courts

This year, landlords and tenants have filed tens of thousands of legal cases to resolve the disagreements and conflicts among them, overwhelming the country's courts.

Some 90,000 rent dispute related legal cases have been opened at courts since the start of the year, Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç said, noting that this marked a 100 percent increase from a year ago.