Portuguese art in Turkey

The Portuguese Embassy in Turkey, with the support of Camões IP and in association with Perve Galeria, brings the "Connecting to Portugal and the Portuguese Speaking World - the Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition" to Turkey.

Turkey begins large-scale exercise as Athens monitors movements

Athens said on Monday that it was concerned but not "panicking" over a large concentration of Turkish naval forces in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean as part of a large military exercise, as well as the movement of the Oruc Reis survey vessel near the Greek continental shelf. 

128-Year-Old Man Was Found in Thailand

A 128 year old man was found in Thailand. He lives in the province of Udon Thani in northeastern Thailand with his 70-year-old wife. They both have 7 children and 11 grandchildren.

For proof, a photo of the identity document was published, according to which the man's birth date is April 9, 1891.

The Thai man may claim to be one of the oldest men on the planet.