Turkey teen talent show singer out of coma after shooting

A 19-year-old Turkish talent show contestant is out of a coma and communicating after she was shot in the head in an attack that shocked the country, doctors said on June 23.

Mutlu Kaya was shot while she was at home in Kurdish-majority southeastern Diyarbak?r province in May and had until now been in intensive care in the Diyarbak?r hospital where she is being treated.    

Which languages do Europeans find most useful? (See charts)

An infographic from Statista shows some of the European languages that EU citizens consider to be useful as second and third languages. While most people consider English to be a useful second language, the other linguistic bows they would like to add to their language-learning is far more interesting.

Turkey in better condition than before elections: Bank chair

Turkish ??bank Chairman Ersin Özince criticized pessimistic comments about the economy after the election and said Turkey is in a better condition than it was before the election in making constructive assessments, adding the new government must vow to make the delayed reforms to its people as soon as possible. 

7th Istanbul Tanp?nar Literature Festival to host global writers

The Istanbul Tanp?nar Literature Festival will be held from May 4 to 8 with the theme ?City and Frontiers,? hosting dozens of writers from various countries.

Turkey?s first and biggest literature festival, the Istanbul Tanp?nar Literature Festival (ITEF) is set to be held between May 4 and 8, with more than 30 writers from 26 countries attending the festival. 

Modern calligraphy at Istanbul's New Mosque

A ?hat? calligraphy art exhibition has been opened at the Hünkar Mansion in Istanbul?s New Mosque, which was built in 1665.

Calligrapher Bilal Akkaya, who hybridized classic and modern forms of ?hat,? said the title of the ongoing exhibition, ?Lord of Roses,? refers to Prophet Muhammad during the week to celebrate his birthday.

BeeRaider makes Qwerty a… keyboard of the past

Disappointed with the limitations of the Qwerty keyboard, the inventor of BeeRaider, McEnaney, spent the last decade designing a new one, while taking into consideration that the universal key layout was designed in the era of the typewriter, with a patented in 1878 and so he created an alternative, inspired by a bee.