Turkey's language body raises eyebrows with sexist definition of 'available'

The Turkish Language Institute?s (TDK) definition of the word ?available? has raised eyebrows in the country, with the TDK accused of using sexist remarks.

Explaining the meaning of the word ?müsait,? a Turkish word of Arabic origin meaning ?available,? the TDK said the second meaning of the word was a ?(woman) who is available to flirt with and can easily flirt.?

Nest of the buffalo

Kastamonu is the setting for a new comedy film, 'Manda Yuvas?,' in which the town faces the imposition of an HES project that threatens the whole village and its environment On the evening of Feb. 16, I was a guest at the premiere of a new Turkish comedy film called "Manda Yuvas?." It tells the story of some "poor" villagers who lose their village Çayka??

60% of Calls to 112 Emergency Phone Number in 2014 Were Unjustified

Around 60% of the calls to the 112 emergency phone number in 2014 were unjustified, according to Stoyan Gramatikov, head of the National System 112 Directorate at the Interior Ministry.

In a Wednesday interview for the Bulgarian National Television, Gramatikov claimed that the share of malicious calls was relatively small, at 0.12%.