Kosovo’s Anton Pashku: Ahead of His Time in Work and Family

Fluent in Albanian, Serbo-Croat and French, and able to understand Turkish, Pashku nevertheless only once crossed the borders of socialist Yugoslavia and never held a passport.

A victim of political repression like other Kosovo Albanian writers, Pashku turned inwards, his writing rich in hermetic observation and detailed character analysis.

‘Melancholy’ at heart of Turkish films, says Oscars Academy chief

"Hüzün" is a word sometimes untranslatable. It is a theme, it is a feeling, it is a state of mind for many writers and film directors in Turkey. "Hüzün" means melancholy, and John Bailey, a cinematographer currently heading the Oscars Academy, says it is an integral part of Turkish film-making, as well as international ones.

Huge Imports of Cherries from Greece Are Damaging the Bulgarian Producers

Huge imports of cherries from Greece are damaging the Bulgarian producers, NOVA reports.

"We do not know how much the price will be at the end of the day, there is chaos at the points, some want small ones, others want big ones. At the moment we divide with the workers, they get 40-50 stotinki per kilogram and the points are buying up for 1 lev, "explained the producers.

A Culinary Map of Bulgaria Will Show the Typical Dishes for Each Region

Scientists from the Institute of Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences prepare an interactive map, which will gather all the culinary features of the different regions. It will present the traditional Bulgarian cuisine throughout our linguistic territory.

Jysk to open new store on Corfu

Scandinavian sleeping and living company Jysk will open its 26th branch in Greece this Thursday.
The store on Corfu will be the third Greek island where the Danish firm has established a presence.
Jysk has announced it plans to have opened 40 stores across the country by the end of 2020.

Iohannis: Yiddish language and theatre enrich our country's and humanity's cultural heritage

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday sent a message on the occasion of the Day of the Yiddish language and theatre. "On the occasion of the Day of the Yiddish language and theatre, I want to send a warm message of congratulations to those who take care that the cultural heritage of the Jewish community in Romania stay alive.