Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin as "common language"

Linguist Ranko Bugarski said this on Thursday while promoting his new book, "Do you speak common (language)," published by Biblioteka XX Vek - and added that this language has been separated into four for political reasons.

"From the political and administrative, but by no means from the aspect of linguistics, we have four different languages," Bugarski said.

Women farmers becoming more educated, report shows

The education level of women farmers has risen significantly in recent years, according to a report commissioned by the General Secretariat of Gender Equality.

More specifically, 35.3 percent completed secondary education, compared with 13.2 percent in 1998, 18 percent in 2003 and 26.6 percent in 2008, and 4 percent have university degrees, compared with just 1 percent in 1998.