Youth music group forced off stage at festival in Munich, allegedly due to Turkish flag logo

A group of 10 youths playing the saz, a traditional stringed musical instrument also known as a bağlama, were forced to come off the stage in a cultural festival in the German city of Munich on July 1, amid allegations that audience members objected to their logo featuring the Turkish flag, Doğan News Agency has reported.

How much did Greek influence the English language? (video)

The Greek language is one of the few ancient languages in the world that is still spoken in its modern form today. It is considered a separate branch of the Indo-European languages, and has influenced many languages across the world, including Latin -the root of the Romance languages of French, Italian, Spanish etc- and English, among many others.

Meet the guy who created the languages in Game of Thrones (video)

The science fiction and fantasy movie buffs pay attention to every conceivable detail in the films put on the big screen of TV. Since the first movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out 16 years ago, one of the most talked about points was the languages of the different races and more specifically the Elven on used in the film. Author J. R.

The “tsolias” was attacked at Cologne

Last summer two Greek artists created a graffiti in Cologne that was misunderstood. In a neighborhood inhabited by immigrants from Turkey, Italians and the Arab countries Manolis Anastasakis and Vasilis Griparis’ graffiti, named “Proud?” is on a 30 meter wall at the area’s rail station.
It shows a “tsolia”, warrior of the 1821 Revolution against the Ottoman Turks era.

Google to enhance its translation system for eight languages

Internet search giant Google is planning to enhance its translation system for eight languages, including Turkish. The "Neural Machine Translation" will present results as closest to daily speaking as possible, daily Habertürk reported on Nov. 16.

The languages were listed as English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanize, Korean and Turkish. 

INTERVIEW: Özge Samancı on 'Dare to Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey'

Sometimes modest ideas can be deceptively sophisticated. Özge Samancı's graphic memoir, "Dare to Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey" is an ostensibly simple graphic memoir about growing up in a lower-middle class family in İzmir, her life at boarding school, and her later time studying maths at Istanbul's prestigious Bosphorus University.