Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge closed to traffic over suspicious car

A suspicious car prompted the emergency closure of Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge on March 15.

A man reportedly jumped out of a moving car, now abandoned, before escaping in another vehicle.

Bomb disposal experts detonated the trunk of the car in a controlled manner, while examinations of the car are continuing.

Watch the video ‘ruined’ ESPN sportscaster’s career

Sportscaster Erin Andrews was a rising star in 2008 and she had been working for ESPN network covering the most important sports event. Michael David Barrett, who was in a very bad economic situation back then, thought that he could earn a lot of money taking advantage of Andrews fame and started stalking her.

Bulgaria Sees Double Increase in Thefts of Vignette Stickers

Bulgaria has seen a double increase in the thefts of vignette stickers after their prices went up in the beginning of the year.

The annual stickers which cost BGN 97 are the primary target of thieves, Darik radio informs.

Most often thieves steal the stickers by breaking the windscreen of the vehicle. Numerous cases of broken windscreens have been reported across the country.

Where do we stand on the balance between economy and democracy?

The Turkish Enterprise and Business Association's (TÜRKONFED) latest report was titled: "Towards a new constitution: The development of institutional reform and democracy culture."

TÜRKONFED had previously prepared reports on critical issues like getting out of the middle income trap or women in the business world.