Erhan Yaz?c?o?lu resigns from his post

City Theaters General Art Director Erhan Yaz?c?o?lu has announced that he has resigned from his post. 
Speaking at the "Son(suz) Öykü" gala at the Haldun Taner stage in Istanbul's Kad?köy on Dec. 28, Yaz?co?lu said, "We viewed a very nice play but this is the last speech of my 48-year professional life." 

He said he would say farewell to City Theaters, and continued: 

Rangers in eastern Turkey try to prevent New Year's Day tree-cuttings

Turkish forest rangers in the eastern province of Kars are struggling to protect pines, especially saplings, from being cut for New Year's Day, officials have said. 

Security measures in the Sar?kam?? district of the province have been tightened, said the local head of the forestry department, Halil ?brahim Ç?ng?. 

No need to apologize when we are right, says Turkish FM

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?oglu has vowed to issue no apology to Moscow over the downing of a Russian jet on the Syrian border.

"We don't need to apologize on an occasion on which we are right," Çavu?o?lu said.  

"But we said on the phone [Nov. 25] that we are sorry," he added, referring to a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. 

VIDEO: Minister shows photos of first Turkish-made car prototypes

Turkish Science and Technology Minister Fikri I??k announced on Oct. 13 that three prototypes of the first Turkish-made cars have been developed, sharing the first camouflaged photos of these prototypes for the first time with the public. 

Speaking at the Anadolu Agency Editors' Desk, I??k said production would begin in 2019.