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In Memoriam: Renowned Journalist Georgi Koritarov Died Aged 61

Journalist Georgi Koritarov died suddenly at the age of 61. This sad news was posted on Facebook by Georgi Harizanov, director of Europe TV, in which Koritarov hosted a show until yesterday.

According to NOVA, the journalist was admitted to hospital in emergency with a positive COVID-19 test, but lost the battle with the disease.

Academy's head: Gendarmerie established, like the Academy, in same period of Romanian state's modernisation

The President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop, said on Thursday at a symposium dedicated to the 171st anniversary of the creation of the Romanian Gendarmerie, that the celebrated institution, like the one he represents, was established during the same period of modernization of the Romanian state.

Maria Bakalova in Exclusive Interview to BTA: I Want to Help the Underprivileged

If life is indeed made out of colors, as actress Maria Bakalova believes, then she must be one of the most colorful, lively, authentic and lovable young women there are. Bakalova is an artist whom Bulgaria has yet to appreciate, understand and emulate and a role model to follow and associate with.

Some 2,500 languages face extinction: UNESCO official

Nearly 2,500 languages worldwide are at risk of extinction, a Turkish official with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said on Feb. 21.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Öcal Oğuz, chairman of the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, said nearly 7,000 languages are spoken worldwide.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks International Greek Language Day

International Greek Language Day is "not just a reminder of our language's uninterrupted continuity through time, but also a recognition of its timeless global contribution," Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Vlasis said in a statement on Tuesday, as the ministry also released a video on Twitter to mark the annual event.

ForMin Aurescu on the situation of Romanians stranded in Mexico: Unfriendly official attitude

Romania's Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Wednesday referring to more than 100 Romanian nationals stranded at Cancun airport in Mexico that it was an "unfriendly attitude" on the part of the Mexican officials, adding that he asked for urgent clarification of the reasons for such decisions.

Bulgarian Sentenced to 27-Year Jail Term for Crime He Didn’t Commit

An 85-year-old Bulgarian man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison and a €53,000 fine for trafficking migrants into Greece. The absurdity of this case is that the man never set foot in our southern neighbor. The man was accused of transporting refugees in a truck he bought in Sweden.