Languages of Turkey

Çe?me creates artificial reef and diving center

The Çe?me Artificial Reef project, which was initiated 10 years ago as an attraction for divers and to increase the number of fish, has begun to come to life. 

In the first step of the project, 50 concrete blocks were left off Karada (E?ekada) Island on March 15. 

 E?me District Gov. Mustafa Erkay?ran said their goal was to establish an underwater city in the district. 

Turkey's first Kurdish-language search engine goes online

Turkey's first search engine in the Kurdish language has gone online after five years of technical work, research and development.

The search engine, called "Sekretin" - meaning success in Kurdish - will also have a video-sharing website in the next few months, its manager Serdar Anu?tekin told the state-run Anadolu Agency in the southeastern province of Diyarbak?r on Nov. 5.