Zaharieva and Lavrov Discussed Strategic Energy Projects

In Moscow, the first diplomats of Bulgaria and Russia noted the success in developing the dialogue between the two countries this year and last year and the high-level contacts that have taken place. Ekaterina Zaharieva made an official visit to the Russian capital at the invitation of Sergey Lavrov.

"Time has come to raise the question why the UN headquarters is situated in New York"

Russian delegation should have attended the UN General Assembly in New York.
Lavrov said that Russia should not put up with such insolence.
"We have already got used to the United States' lack of manners, we will respond accordingly," the first man of Russian diplomacy noted.
Lavrov explained that Moscow would find a way to respond adequately, Sputnik reported.

Russia Urged Europe to Clarify its Position on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is on a visit to Germany and yesterday urged Europe to make a clearer stance on the Iranian nuclear deal, BTA reported.
    Lavrov expressed Russia's growing concern about the US's exit from nuclear arms control treaties.