"Kosovo remains in the preamble" VIDEO

Popovic stated that the amendments to the Constitution are one of the most important activities in the Action Plan for Chapter 23.
The change of the Constitution in the field of justice is the most important in the field of the rule of law, said Popovi and added that the rule of law leads to a legal system where there is legal security.

EU Chief Prosecutor Laura Kövesi Comes to Bulgaria Today

European Chief Prosecutor Laura Kövesi arrives in Bulgaria on Thursday, 10 June. According to preliminary information, the Bulgarian European Prosecutor Teodora Georgieva will accompany her.

Kövesi will visit the office of the European delegated prosecutors, housed in the building of the Sofia District Court. She is also expected to meet with Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.

Minister of Justice Stoilov: USA Sanctions Are Major Indication for Bulgarian State

It is obvious that certain individuals and companies were patronizing and thus benefited illegally, commented the caretaker Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov to bTV in relation to the US sanctions against Bulgarian citizens under the Magnitsky law.

According to him, this could not have happened without persons holding senior government positions.

Epidemic-related movement restrictions declared unconstitutiona

Ljubljana – The Constitutional Court has declared parts of the communicable diseases act allowing the government to restrict movement and public assembly unconstitutional, and effectively annulled the government decrees that were based on this law. The National Assembly has two months to do away with the unconstitutional rules.

Minister of Justice: Prosecutor's Office Should Deal with Crimes, Not Government Control

"When there is no effective solution to one issue, people tend to seek the prosecutor's office, but it also fuels over-expectations. It's function to control rule of law is only on certain issues and its task is to investigate crimes, not to be a second instance of administration control."  This was stated by caretaker Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov.

Justice minister resigns as govt annuls delegated prosecutor procedure

Ljubljana – Justice Minister Lilijana Kozlovič has handed her resignation, the Justice Ministry confirmed for the STA. The reason is the government’s decision to annul the procedure to appoint Slovenia’s two European delegated prosecutors and to publish a new call for applications, which Kozlovič sees no justified grounds for.