Crime Group Involved in Property Fraud and Extortion of Elderly People Dismantled Today

There have been three cases and three attempts at property fraud through extortion of elderly people, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev told a press briefing on today's police raid in Orlandovtsi quarter, a Focus News Agency reporter said.

UK Supreme Court: Boris Johnson's Decision to Suspend Parliament - Unlawful

The decision of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament for 5 weeks is illegal, the Supreme Court of the UK has ruled.

Magistrates initially stated that the decision fell within their jurisdiction, thereby rebutting a previous ruling by the English Supreme Court, which ruled that suspending Parliament's work was not a court's prerogative.

A condemned dogma

The idea that rivals sometimes need to be put in jail so that a party can win an election has well and truly been condemned. Judgement on politicians, not least prime ministers, is passed when the ballots open. This was the case in the summer with Greece's previous premier.