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Donald Tusk sworn in as Poland's new prime minister

Poland's president on Wednesday swore in Donald Tusk as the new pro-EU prime minister, putting an end to eight years of right-wing populist rule.

The ministers of the new administration were successively sworn in by the conservative head of state, who is allied with the previous government of the Law and Justice (PiS) party.

"It's painful to see Zelensky..."

As he said, this will be the priority of the government, because it is in the interest of the free world.
Tusk said that it is painful for him to hear how Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has to continue trying to convince world leaders of the need to continue supporting Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression, AP reported.

PiS to Make Migrants an Electoral Issue, Though Mayors Insist They Can Cope

Thursday's resolution was passed with the support of MPs of the governing Law and Justice Party (PiS) and the far-right Confederation alliance. During the vote, PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced that the country would hold a referendum on the issue of relocating asylum seekers, which according to local media could take place on the same day as the autumn general election.

Democracy Digest: Poland Faces New EU Infringement Procedure Over #LexTusk

After the unexpected success of the opposition march last Sunday in Warsaw, which put a record half a million people on the streets of the capital according to the organisers, democratic political parties seeking to defeat PiS in the general election are feeling emboldened.