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A 17-year-old Bulgarian was Killed in a Shootout in Copenhagen

Danish police said on Twitter that a 17-year-old Bulgarian citizen had died in a shootout in a Copenhagen district.

According to police, the boy was accidentally killed in a showdown between Kurdish gangs.

His family in Bulgaria was informed about the tragic incident.

The young Bulgarian arrived in the Scandinavian country earlier this year, Nova TV reported.

Hojs discusses fighting terrorism at Atlas network meeting

Ljubljana – Interior Minister Aleš Hojs hosted a meeting of the ATLAS Commanders Forum held in Ljubljana on Tuesday, attended by representatives of the special police units from the EU member states. Hojs said that terrorism was placed high on the EU priority list and that the role of ATLAS network was important as well.

Albania Exhibition Puts Communist Secret Police Files on Display

An exhibition entitled 'Tirana in the Eyes of the Sigurimi' was held at the Palace of Congresses in the capital on Thursday, illustrating how people in the Albanian capital were spied upon and persecuted under the Communist regime that ruled the country until the early 1990s.

Central Election Commission Lifted Immunity of the Man Behind the Attack on Sofia’s LGTBQ+ Center

The Central Election Commission (CEC) lifted Boyan Rasate's immunity. This indicates a reference on the CEC website. Rasate was allegedly behind the attack on the LGTBQ+ Center in Sofia by far-right nationalists. He is also a Presidential candidate for the November 14th elections.