Law enforcement

Police force gets new job classification

Ljubljana – The police has a new classification of jobs, which its leadership says adjusts the organisation of work to new security challenges, while a trade union criticises it for bringing more paperwork and introducing more managerial or well-paid jobs. It is also bothered by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) reporting to the criminal police head.

Kilkis dog killer remanded in custody

A livestock breeder in Kilkis, northern Greece has been remanded in custody and slapped with a 30,000-euro fine after shooting and killing a fellow farmer's dog with a hunting rifle.

He was arrested after a complaint was filed by the dog's owner.

According to initial reports, he claimed that the dog was bothering his herd.

Bulgaria: Road Police Warns Drivers Be Careful, Cold Spell Coming Within Days

Due to the expected cold spell in the coming days, the Road Police warns the car drivers to be careful, BNR reported.

Interior Ministry teams will watch out for breaches and cautions drivers that traffic may be difficult on some roads.

The road policing officers explained that drivers need to be careful tonight because sharp weather change is expected.

Bulgaria: New Task Unit of Gendarmerie to Protect Civil Servants and Threatened Individuals

Some of the officers in the newly established police directorate for task operations and counterterrorism will take part in special training programs focused on shooting, checking and buildings' securing skills as well as on detaining terrorists and releasing hostages.

Europol Warns: Cases of Online Child Abuse on the Rise during Pandemic

The head of the EU's crime-fighting agency says perpetrators are spending more time online due to the various lockdowns across Europe. Catherine de Bolle called the development "an ongoing danger."

Cases of online child sex abuse are up this year owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the EU's crime agency said on Monday.