Law enforcement

Officers conduct spot checks on first day of lockdown

A traffic police officer checks a driver's documents in central Athens, on Monday. Officers were deployed on streets across the country to enforce the new lockdown, which allows people to leave their homes only with special permits. Authorities said only 33 people had been fined for flouting the regulations by late Monday afternoon. [Intime News]

The Head of State: We Have a Future and What Bulgaria’s Tomorrow Will Be After the State of Emergency is Over Depends on Our Common Sense, Actions and Solidarity Today

The National Assembly passed the State of Emergency Measures Act. The state of emergency was declared by virtue of resolution on 13 March. My decision is to impose a veto on part of the act and to return it for a reconsideration in the Bulgarian Parliament, the presidential press office reported.

National Police Union: Officers poorly equipped for infectious environment, although protective gear mandatory

Despite a mandatory requirement for police who come in contact with the citizens to wear protective gear, this doesn't happen because of the scarce supplies with such equipment, reads an appeal by the National Police Officers Union (SNAP) to Minister of Interior Ion Marcel Vela.

Iohannis, in video conference on COVID-19: State of emergency lasts 30 days, we must move very fast

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, in a video conference with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and the ministers responsible for managing the COVID-19 epidemic, that the state of emergency is for 30 days, and that the measures must be taken very fast. "I issued the decree establishing the state of emergency in Romania for 30 days.

Bulgaria is in a State of Emergency from Today until April 13

The National Assembly has urgently accepted the government's proposal to introduce a state of emergency in the country due to the spread of the coronavirus. From today until April 13.

The Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and the head of the National Operations Headquarters Professor Mutafchiiski are in the room.