Laws regarding rape

UK: Police let 45 men who admitted rape walk away with a caution!

Police reportedly let 45 men to walk away with a caution after they admitted to rape.

In the last five years, police forces in England and Wales cautioned 45 adults for rape and 1,585 for sexual assault, The Mirror reports.

Over the same period, 148 children were cautioned for rape and 606 for sexual assault.

Fugitive nabbed in northern Athens after putting up a fight

A 57-year-old fugitive rapist and robber tried to pepper spray officers during his arrest in the northern Athenian suburb of Papagou, police said on Tuesday.

The violent criminal was on a wanted list after having escaped from a holding cell in the southern coastal suburb of Glyfada when he was intercepted in Papagou by officers of the DIAS motorcycle squad.

Muslim classmates gang rape 14-year-old girl, remain enrolled because “rapists are victims too”!

A 14-year-old Swedish girl who was sexually abused in her school by two boys is now receiving her education at another school, while the attackers remain enrolled at their current school. One of them, a 16-year-old carrying the Arab name Ajuub, suffers from an “impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong,” the verdict stated. He was therefore punished mildly.

Will murder, rape and sexual abuse ever end?

We have to accept this now that in this country there is a devastating "sexual issue," which cannot be solved, and cannot be overcome. 

"Sex" hangs over our heads as a giant damnation. Because it is continuously oppressed with "bans and sins" and because there is a non-ending sexual hunger, every passing day, we are left face to face with an issue with sexual content.  

Judge bans teen convicted of rape from premartial sex!

A US judge has ordered a 19-year-old man to refrain from sexual activity until he gets married as part of his sentencing after the teen was convicted of the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl. The sex ban was laid down by an Idaho judge along with a five to 15-year suspended sentence, on the condition that the convicted man, Cody Duane Scott Herrera, complete a one-year therapy program.

Disabled woman 'raped in Istanbul mall restroom'

A wheelchair-bound woman suffering from a severe muscular disease has been raped in the toilet of a shopping mall in Istanbul, with the suspect going on trial claiming "consent."

The 39-year-old woman, who lives with her family in Istanbul, was bound to a wheelchair after being diagnosed with a muscular disease 12 years ago.

Trial begins after volunteer women teachers in İzmir narrowly escape sexual assault

Six female teachers who volunteered to provide additional education to 35 students in a village of the Karabağlar district in the western province of İzmir barely escaped sexual assault by a group of men in the village in May, it has been revealed after the opening of a trial into the case, according to daily Habertürk.