Lay judge

Thermal cameras to be deployed at courthouses to screen for fevers: Justice minister

Courthouses in Turkey will start using thermal cameras at their entrances to screen for fevers to prevent anyone potentially infected with the coronavirus from entering the premises, Justice Minister Abdülhamit Gül said on May 29 as the country's judiciary is set to resume its work as part of its normalization phase.

Online messages posted by magistrates influence public perception of judiciary

Judges and prosecutors have to display poise and wisdom when posting online, because their opinions influence society's perception of the judiciary, reads one of the conclusions of a conference to release good practice guidance for magistrates using social media or online platforms.

Terrible choices

Some of the government's choices concerning the justice system have been truly terrible as it was guided by the notion that it needed judges it could control, regardless of the course of their careers or their reputation.

As is always the case when the principle behind a decision is wrong, the government has and will continue to pay for this mistake.

Chief Prosecutor calls for less politics around judicial reform

Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov called for more law and less politics to enable the judicial reform. He spoke at a chess meeting with investigators and members of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), with the participation of Russian chess player and MP Anatoly Karpov, a reporter of FOCUS News Agency said.

Judges, prosecutors brace for a heavy season of trials

Judges and prosecutors are to return to work in the coming days with a mountain of cases, many that have dragged on for months - if not years - to push through the slow Greek court system.

After elections to appoint new judges and prosecutors this coming Saturday, courts are expected to get back to work in earnest.