Left-wing politics

DS: Salvation in union of opposition and shocking programme

BELGRADE - Caucus whip of the Democratic Party (DS) Borislav Stefanovic stated on Tuesday that the anger of the citizens over the bad economic situation will not be adequately voiced unless the party comes up with a shocking programme and unties the members who truly constitute the opposition.

Autonomy is announced in southeast, MHP leader criticizes

Opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy group leader Oktay Vural has accused the government of failing to exert control in the southeast amid recent unrest.

Vural said de facto autonomy had been announced in the southeastern part of the country and that the government had failed to maintain control over the region.

Ex-ministers join forces to launch reform drive

Former PASOK MPs Anna Diamantopoulou (photo) and Giorgos Floridis announced on Thursday that they are launching a new center-left movement, which may become a party that will take part in snap elections early next year if Parliament fails to elect a president.

The two former ministers said they are aiming to attract reformists.

FARC Arms Traffickers Arrested in Montenegro

Police in Podgorica on Thursday confirmed the arrest of three international arms traffickers suspected of conspiring to sell large weaponry to FARC rebels in Colombia, a movement designated as a terrorist organization.

The two Romanians, Cristian Vintila, 44, and Virgil Flaviu Georgescu, 42, and an Italian, Massimo Romagnoli, 43, were arrested on Monday and Tuesday.

Cyprus gov’t spending to rise only 0.6 pct in 2015

The Cypriot Parliament has adopted a government budget that envisions an increase in spending of only 0.6 percent.

The budget forecasts state revenue of 5.928 billion euros compared with 5.952 billion euros in 2014, with spending of 6.660 billion euros.

The House of Representatives approved the tight spending plan late Tuesday by a vote of 29-26.