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Pro-EU parties win most votes in Moldova

Pro-EU parties win most votes in Moldova

Three main pro-European Moldovan parties are likely to form a new ruling coalition since together they won the most votes in Sunday's election.

Despite the fact that the pro-Russian Socialist Party is the election winner with the highest number of votes, the pro-European parties are likely to be in power.

Danish court frees 10 over PKK funding charges

A Danish court on Oct. 23 freed 10 men charged with "terror funding" after raising up to 140 million kroner (18.8 million euros, $23.8 million) for PKK militants.

The money was channeled to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), through Roj TV, a Denmark-based Kurdish television channel that had its license revoked last year for "glorifying terrorism."

10 workers abducted by armed militants in Diyarbakır

A group of armed militants have abducted 10 workers from a local electricity distribution company, Doğan News Agency reported on Oct. 22.

The workers of the company were on duty near the Gürpınar village in a rural area of Silvan district when the road was blocked by a group of unidentified militants.