"I'll miss you, Angela. I truly will" VIDEO

Merkel, let us remind you, is leaving the position of German Chancellor.
"I know that the partnership between Germany and the United States will continue to go stronger on the foundation that you helped being built. On a personal note, I must tell you: I'll miss seeing you at our summits. I truly will," Biden told Merkel, German Bild reports.

Ghinea: Next two days I will be in Brussels for final applied discussions on PNRR

The Minister of Investments and European Projects, Cristian Ghinea, is to conduct, Thursday and Friday, a working visit to Brussels, for the final applied discussions on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), and will have meetings with the Vice President of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, and with the technical teams that are working on PNRR and the future operational p

Ceremony marking Slovenia’s 30 years held in Brussels

Brussels – A short ceremony was held in Brussels on Wednesday to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence. Among the attendees were MEPs from Slovenia and both Slovenian ambassadors in Brussels. Officials pointed to the path Slovenia has walked in the 30 years and the challenges ahead, especially the EU presidency in the second half of the year.

MEP Corina Cretu: I don't believe any PNRR will be rejected by the European Commission

MEP Corina Cretu, former European Commissioner for Regional Policy, expressed, on Friday, in Tulcea, her trust that all the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (PNRR) sent by member-states will be approved by the European Commission and encouraged the small and medium-sized enterprise owners to access structural funds.

Brussels Pressures Slovenia to Resume Payments to Press Agency

The European Commission on Thursday said that it had approved, under EU state aid rules, the Slovenian government's compensation of 2.5 million euros to the Slovenian Press Agency, STA, "to fulfil its public service mission", which is currently hindered by disagreements with the government led by Janez Jansa.