Moldovan Socialists Win Chisinau City Hall

Socialist Party candidate Ion Ceban won the mayoral race for Chisinau in the elections on Sunday with 52.39 per cent of the votes cast.

The pro-European candidate and co-president of the ACUM bloc, Andrei Nastase, scored 48.61 per cent.

According to data from the Central Election Commission, Ceban won the votes of 123,807 citizens, while Nastase got 112,513 votes.

Socialists Win First Mayoral Round in Moldovan Capital

Pro-Russian forces scored an important victory on Sunday when they won the first round of voting for a new mayor in Chisinau - long seen as a bastion of pro-Western politics.

The Socialist candidate, Ion Ceban, won 40.30 per cent of the vote, well ahead of Andrei Nastase, candidate of the pro-EU ACUM bloc, who took 31.01 per cent.

PM-designate Orban presents several ministries not to be included in new Gov't

Prime Minister-designate Ludovic Orban on Wednesday evening presented several ministries that would not exist in the new Executive, including the Energy Ministry and the Ministry for Romanians Abroad. "Energy is also economy and tourism is economy, too. Waters, forestry, environment are somehow an area.

Savaging of Serb Leader Highlights Croatia’s Nationalism Problem

A series of warnings about the rise of intolerance against ethnic minorities, hate speech and historical revisionism in Croatian society have attracted very little or no public attention - except one, from Croatian Serb leader Milorad Pupovac, which has been causing controversy for over a month.

Brussels eyes lessening bank exposure to home bonds

As European Union growth slows, European commissioners signaled in written answers to EU lawmakers published on Friday their preferred measures to revive the economy, with the commissioner-designate for taxation, Paolo Gentiloni, pushing for fiscal leeway and Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis calling for a "responsible fiscal policy."

Is the US Congress coming through for Greece and Cyprus as it did in 1974?

Not since Turkey's aptly named "Operation Attila" - its 1974 invasion of Cyprus and its Srebrenica-style citizen executions and mass graves - have I seen a more just reaction from Capitol Hill. This time it's a reaction to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's acquisition of Russian S-400 missiles.

The next six months are crucial

Since July's general election, there has been a sense of optimism regarding the country's course, especially in business circles, inside and outside of Greece. As we learn in the first lessons in economics, "climate is everything." At the moment, we have a winning combination of trust and euphoria.