Germany’s new agriculture minister visits presidential palace on bike

Cem Özdemir, Germany's new food and agriculture minister of Turkish origin, visited the presidential palace to receive his certificate of appointment on a bicycle, while other ministers arrived in black cars.

Özdemir, from the Green Party, is the first Turkish descent politician to assume a federal minister post.

Turkish-German dialogue celebrated with art

This year, Berlin hosts an exclusive exhibition for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary for celebrating the Germany and Turkey dialogue.

The occasion is the 60th anniversary of the recruitment agreement between Germany and Turkey as a central commemorative date for social diversity and the 10th anniversary of the artist residency program on the Bosporus.

Vučić with the Vice President of the Bundestag PHOTO

German Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth said yesterday that she was visiting Kragujevac, which marks the 80th anniversary of the German occupation forces killing thousands of civilians, with a message that something like this would never happen again and that she would emphasize the importance of shared memory.

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The Pope and World Religious Leaders with Joint Appeal Before UN Climate Conference

Pope Francis and other religious leaders issued a joint appeal today to the organizers and participants of next month's UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). They called on forum participants to propose concrete solutions to save the planet from "an unprecedented environmental crisis," Reuters reported.

Most Germans Frown at CDU Government and Armin Laschet as Chancellor - Opinion Polls

Most Germans do not want Christian Democrat (CDU) leader Armin Laschet to try to form a government after his conservative bloc suffered huge losses in parliamentary elections, recent  public opinion polls indicated on Tuesday, as dpa reported.