Italy weighs in as Cypriot fund goes after Lukoil plant

An Israeli-backed Cypriot fund's deal to buy a Lukoil-owned refinery in Italy is hanging in the balance ahead of a Cabinet meeting in Rome possibly this week, when veto powers would be weighed against energy hub aspirations that could replace Russian gas and put the final nail in the coffin of a proposed EastMed pipeline.

Slovenia and Italy to continue joint efforts against illegal migration

Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon and her Italian counterpart Antonio Tajani committed to further cooperation between the two counties in the management of illegal migrations as they met in Ljubljana on 17 March. They said they were in agreement about the need for the issue to be addressed at the EU level.

Croatia Faces Fallout from Personal Animosity between President, PM

Croatia's prime minister says he sees no prospect of cooperation with the country's president. The president says the PM has not shown "even the slightest interest" in resolving a raft of issues where their jurisdictions overlap.

That Andrej Plenkovic, the premier, and Zoran Milanovic, the president, do not see eye to eye has long been apparent.

Vesic meets with Salvini

ROME - Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic met with Italian Deputy PM and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini in Rome on Tuesday.

After the meeting, Vesic said that, in the period to come, the two countries would work together on abolishing transit permits.