Greece welcomes new mission to enforce Libya arms embargo

Greece welcomed a decision by European Union foreign ministers on Monday to launch a new maritime effort focused on enforcing the UN arms embargo around Libya.
Speaking in Brussels where the meeting of EU foreign ministers took place, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias reiterated Greece's commitment to take part in the operation.

Decision on bond profit use in June

The government will need to secure positive reports from its creditors on the reforms front in the next assessments and see the economy keep advancing if it wants a favorable response to its requests, such as a reduction in the primary surplus targets and the use of SMP and ANFA proceeds for investments, according to European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni's talks on Thursday with

New Zealand Temporarily Bans Travellers from China to Enter the Country

New Zealand has temporarily banned the entry into its territory of all foreigners who have traveled or transited through mainland China, DPA reported.

The ban will take effect tomorrow and will be in place for 14 days in an effort to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.