Vehicle carrying medical supplies to K Mitrovica hospital pulled over by Pristina's police

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - A vehicle carrying medical supplies from the Leposavic health centre to the Clinical Hospital Centre in the north of Kosovska Mitrovica was on Friday pulled over by the so-called Kosovo Police at the Bistrica Bridge checkpoint and ordered to go to a terminal in the south of the town, the hospital's director Zlatan Elek confirmed to Tanjug.

Arrested Kosovo-Metohija Serb released from detention

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Pristina's police confirmed to Tanjug on Friday a Kosovo-Metohija Serb arrested at the Jarinje administrative crossing earlier in the day had been released from detention.

Previously, the deputy chief of the so-called Kosovo Police for Region North said the arrestee, a man identified by the initials B L, had been detained for "possession of narcotics."

Kurti's terror continues: Another Serb detained in Jarinje

As Kosovo Online writes, 34-year-old B. L. is currently in Jarinje and has not received information about why he was detained.
He was returning by car from central Serbia to Leposavic with his girlfriend, a friend and his three minor children.
After the arrest, members of the Kosovo Police escorted B.L. to the police station in South Mitrovica.

Serbian Trucks blocked the Border with Kosovo - KFOR called for Negotiations

Truck drivers with Serbian registration, who have been waiting for several days at the border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo due to the Kosovo authorities' ban on the entry of Serbian goods into Kosovo, blocked the Merdare and Jarinje border crossings last night, Serbian media reported.

Night passes calmly in Zvecan, Serbs continue protest

ZVECAN - The night passed calmly in Zvecan, a Serb-majority municipality in the north of Kosovo-Metohija and, in the morning, local Serbs continued a peaceful protest that began at the end of May.

The protesters, who have been gathering in front of a cordon of Kfor troops every day, said they would not end the protest until their demands were met.