Dozens of migrants, refugees being transferred from Symi island

Around 300 migrants and refugees who arrived from Turkey over the past few days are to be transferred off the southeastern Aegean island of Symi by the end of the week.

The decision comes in response to a number of complaints made by Symi Mayor Eleftherios Papakalodoukas, who has stressed that his island is completely unequipped to host, feed and care for asylum-seekers.

Leros base theft probe focusing on two guards

As an investigation gets under way into the disappearance of a significant amount of military equipment and weapons from a naval base on the southern Aegean island of Leros, sources at the Greek Police and the country's armed forces suggest that suspicions are focusing on two guards who had access to the area where the equipment was stored.

Removal of military material from Leros base gradual

Greece has launched an investigation after an inspection revealed that weapons were missing from a navy facility on the Aegean island of Leros, its government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Authorities found anti-tank weapons, ammunition and hand grenades missing from a warehouse on the base this week, according to officials.

Migration pressure building

A spike in migrant flows over the last month to islands in the northern and eastern Aegean has put fresh pressure on the country's already overcrowded reception centers, to the frustration of Greek authorities which are reportedly exploring different options.

Fire suspect arrested on Leros

A 20-year-old foreign national was arrested on Saturday and charged with starting Friday's fire on the southeastern Aegean island of Leros.

The fire began in the area of Merikia and soon spread, burning more than 4 hectares of pine forest.

The suspect, who is a resident of the island, appeared before a prosecutor on the nearby island of Kos.