'Toxic' takes word-of-the-year crown

Stemming from the Ancient Greek word "toxikon," the English word "toxic" has been crowned as the word of year in 2018 by Oxford Dictionaries.

According to the dictionary, the word was the one that best captured the "ethos, mood, or preoccupations" of 2018. The word was judged to "have lasting potential as a term of cultural significance."

Sexy Marta Mayer makes you appreciate the social media! (HOT PHOTOS)

Her name is Marta Mayer and at the age of 21 this half Russian, half German model -just like many models during Summer- she doesn’t miss a chance to show off what God has graced her with: Her sizzling hot perfect body!

Don’t you just love our age of technology that helps us share these images?

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‘Grexit’ and ‘Brexit’ officially words

Language is alive and constantly evolving with new words or phrases being added to dictionaries. The Greek crisis introduced some neologisms in the vocabulary of economics and journalism and they eventually found their way into the Oxford online dictionary. ‘Brexit’ is another term referring to a possible British exit from the EU that also was included in the dictionary.