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Governments of Serbia and Slovenia to hold joint session

The governments of Serbia and Slovenia will hold a joint session in Slovenia on Thursday, the Serbian government announced on Monday.

The two cabinets will discuss joint projects, possibilities for investments, the situation in the region and continuation of the dialogue on division of the property of the former Yugoslavia.

51 percent would vote for EU membership - poll

24 percent would vote "no," shows a new poll, conducted in late December by the Ministry of European Integration.

The survey showed that 12 percent of Serbian citizens would not vote at all or did not know what to answer.

The survey involved 1,050 respondents over 18 years of age and was created according to the Eurobarometer standard, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

Greece among US's 'most dependable' East Med allies

Greece, Cyprus and Israel are the United States' three most dependable allies in the Eastern Mediterranean and form the front line of defense for significant American interests, at a time when relations between Washington and Turkey are particularly tense, says American Hellenic Institute (AHI) president Nick Larigakis.

40% of Bulgarians can not Keep Their Homes Warm

39.2% of Bulgarians could not keep their homes warm, according to a Eurostat survey for 2016. By this indicator, the country is in the worst position in the EU because the largest share of its population fails to secure its heating in the cold months of the year. For comparison, on average, 8.7% of citizens in the EU can not afford normal heating.

Croatia Vows to Shield Fishermen in Piran Gulf

The dispute between Croatia and Slovenia over the Piran Gulf risks going up another notch after Croatian police offered to accompany Croatian fishermen in the waters of the Piran Gulf and ward off any Slovenian attempts to issue them with penalty notices.

The two former Yugoslav republics are locked in an unresolved dispute over the waters off the Istrian peninsula, which both claim.