Libya: 600 African migrants attempting to cross Med intercepted

The Libyan coast guard arrested about 600 African migrants, including a  pregnant woman and 18 minors, who were trying to board a fishing boat in an apparent attempt to land on some EU shore.

Libya, which is in chaos after Gaddafi’s downfall, has since become a portal for illegal immigration from sub-Saharan Africa into Europe via the Mediterranean.




IS Releases Video Depicting `Killing` of Ethiopian Christians

Islamic State (IS) released a new video, which purportedly shows the killing of up to thirty Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

The video depicts one group of men being beheaded on a beach and another group being shot in the head in a desert, the BBC reports.

The victims are believed to be members of the Ethiopian Church, who had been captured by IS militants in Libya.

Tsipras says EU needs urgent plan to tackle migrant crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged the European Union on Sunday to urgently come up with a plan to tackle a mounting migrant humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.

"The Mediterranean must stop being a graveyard sea and southern European countries a storage of human souls,» Tsipras said in a televised address.

Mediterranean tragedy: Boat with 700 migrants capsized off Libya (photos)

A boat crowded with 700 migrants overturned north of Libya on Saturday, leaving at least 24 confirmed dead and many missing. Italy's Coast Guard stated that the migrants' 20-meter vessel could have capsized as the people on board rushed to one side of the craft after seeing a Portuguese merchant vessel approach it.