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Movement for Change declares Novartis case is a set-up

With one of its most prominent MPs, Andreas Loverdos, about to testify as a suspect in the Novartis case if his parliamentary immunity is lifted, the centre-left Movement for Change is charging that the entire affair is a conspiracy staged jointly by SYRIZA and the Karamanlis faction of New Democracy.

Time has run out

It was no surprise that the investigation into the Novartis case has yielded its first results during a pre-election period. Regardless of what one may think about this concurrence, it cannot be denied that the political timing mandates that the investigation be wrapped up as soon as possible. 

The Novartis trials

After more than 14 months of incriminating leaks, "activism" by ministers in the corridors of the Greek judicial system, mock "trials" in Parliament and public calls for the incarceration of suspects, no charges have been pressed against anyone over the so-called "biggest scandal since the establishment of the Greek state" - the probe into the practices of Swiss drugmaker Novartis.

ND cites Novartis’ internal audit saying Greek politicians were not bribed

In February, 2018, Alternate Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos told Parliament that the Novartis scandal is the biggest since the founding of the modern Greek state in 1830, even bigger than the Siemens scandal.

One year later, the Novartis affair is turning into the biggest fiasco for the SYRIZA government.