Emerging Europe Announces Nominees for 2019 Awards

From a total of 949 applications representing all 23 countries of emerging Europe, 120
companies and organisations, spread across 12 categories, have been officially nominated for the Emerging Europe Awards. In addition, 23 investment promotion
agencies and 75 cities have been included in two research projects: the Investment

9 European Countries in Sofia Are Discussing Future Agriculture Policy

The adoption of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020 is unlikely to become during the mandate of this European Parliament. But even if there is a delay, this will not delay payments to the agricultural sector in Bulgaria. This was assured by Minister Rumen Porozhanov during a discussion in Sofia.

Bulgaria is Among the Most Intolerant Countries in the European Union

Bulgaria is one of the most intolerant countries in the EU, and the poorer one is, the more its citizens do not stand close to themselves people of different ethnicity or religion. This shows a study by the University of Nevada, which collected survey data covering a total of 450,000 people in 100 countries.

Eurostat: 53% of Scientists and Engineers in Bulgaria Are Women

In five EU Member States, the majority of scientists and engineers are women, according to Eurostat data published today for 2017.

Lithuania is ranked first, with 57% of the scientists being ladies, with 53% following Bulgaria and Latvia. In Portugal, the share is 51 per cent and in Denmark just over 50 per cent, the BNR reported.

One in four Greeks cannot afford to heat their home

Almost one in four Greeks cannot afford to heat their home sufficiently, according to Eurostat data collected as part of an annual European Union survey on income and living conditions in the bloc.

Based on the report, 25.7 percent of Greeks said they were not able to keep their home adequately warm due to their financial state.