Living with COVID-19

Bulgarian Doctor: The Actual Covid Cases are around 9,000 per day

"Each GP has two to three cases per patient with coronavirus per day, which shows a real incidence of about 9,000 people."

This is what Dr. Miroslav Spasov - personal physician and pediatrician - told BNR. "The figure in the official statistics is small because of the missing opportunity for testing", he clarified.

Over 900 new Covid cases over the weekend

Ljubljana – Slovenia confirmed 941 new cases of coronavirus over the weekend, an increase of more than 40% over the previous weekend. One patient with Covid-19 died during the weekend. There are currently 45 patients at regular wards hospitalised with Covid as their primary condition and another eight in intensive care.

Bulgarian Doctor: A New COVID Wave is Certainly Beginning

"A new COVID wave is certainly beginning". This was stated by the pulmonologist and deputy from "Democratic Bulgaria" Dr. Alexander Simidchiev on Nova TV.

"The rate of increase in new cases on a weekly basis is 50% from last week, and on a two-week basis it is 140% from two weeks ago," he said.

Covid cases up by 40% at the weekend week-on-week

Ljubljana – The latest Covid-19 statistics show the number of cases steadily rising, as the number of new infections registered over the weekend increased by almost 40% on a weekly basis to 641, while overall hospitalisations have declined. There is a higher number of patients in intensive care, though, and three persons with Covid-19 have died since Friday.

Bulgarian Doctor: 30-40 year old Men and Women have Strokes after COVID-19

"We have cases of young patients who have had strokes, and the only reason we find this after extensive research is the post-COVID-19 experience." This is what the head of the Clinic of Nervous Diseases at the University Hospital "St. Anna " Assoc. Prof. Rosen Kalpachki said.

Covid remains in retreat as hospitalisations rise

Ljubljana – A total of 528 people tested positive for coronavirus in Slovenia on Sunday, less than two-thirds of the figure reported a week ago, as Covid-19 hospitalisations increased and three more people died, Health Ministry data shows. A total of 157 patients were treated for the disease in hospitals this morning, up by 15 from yesterday. More discharges would as a rule be expected today.