Liviu Dragnea

Victor Ponta: Government no longer exists

The Government no longer exists, as of Friday its activity ceases, said Pro Romania leader, Deputy Victor Ponta, in Parliament's joint plenary sitting. "It is a very strange motion - theoretically it puts down a government, but we have no government anymore. Not to mention the fact that we no longer have Minister of the Interior, we have no Minister for Education, the Environment, Energy.

PNL's Turcan to Dancila: You are a private person who abusively holds a high dignity

Floor leader of the Liberal deputies Raluca Turcan said on Thursday that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is "a private person who abusively holds a high dignity" and the censure motion amounts to a warrant to bring the government before Parliament.

Ambassador Maior calls hearings in case related to indicted politician's visit to US pleasant discussion with prosecutors

Romania's ambassador to the US George Maior said on Tuesday that he was being heard at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) as a witness in a case related to indicted politician Liviu Dragnea's visit to the US, adding that he had a "very pleasant" discussion with prosecutors.

Presidential candidate Barna says successful no-confidence vote paves way for early election

Presidential candidate of the Save Romanian Union (USR) PLUS Alliance Dan Barna told a news conference in Galati on Friday that a successful no-confidence vote against the Dancila government will open a "real" possibility for early election. He added that the Dancila government lost its legitimacy and that it was natural to be ousted by a no-confidence vote.

PNL National Council: Chamber of Deputies, seat of PSD-practised virulent form of political gangsterism

The leader of the Liberal Deputies, Raluca Turcan and the head of the Liberal Senators, Florin Citu, on Thursday have criticised the Social Democratic Party (PSD) ruling at the National Liberal Party (PNL) National Council meeting.

Romania Court Quashes Controversial Criminal Code Reform

The Romanian Constitutional Court on Monday declared controversial criminal code reforms passed by government decree unconstitutional, saying the changes did not respect previous rulings issued by the court.

The amendments backed by the Social Democratic Party-led government included reducing jail terms and the statute of limitations for some corruption-related crimes.

Romanian Court Rejects Ban on Pardons for Corrupt Politicians

Romania's highest court ruled on Thursday that a ban on amnesties and pardons for corrupt politicians would infringe the "fundamental rights" of anyone amnestied or pardoned, as presidential pardons are mainly given on health and humanitarian grounds.

The proposed ban was supported by more than 80 per cent of people who voted in a nationwide referendum on justice issues in May.

PM Dancila: I don't want to pass judgment on Liviu Dragnea, but I want to change his manner of working

Acting Chairperson of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, said she hopes there will be several candidates for party head and that the leadership will be collective, because decision-making should not be left with one person alone.