Ljubljana film fest turning 30, staying focused on quality art film

LIFFe, a hugely popular festival that has also spread to Maribor, Celje and Novo Mesto, began in 1990 at Ljubljana's Cankarjev Dom arts centre as what was known as the international days of author film or Film Art Fest. There were 13 films screened the first year and some 4,000 visitors.

cargo-partner with a modern logistics centre near Brnik airport

The iLogistic Center Ljubljana will service cargo-partner's clients in Slovenia and central and south-eastern Europe. As cargo-partner CEO, Stefan Krauter, said at the opening, the company decided to build in Slovenia due to the geostrategic position of the country between Asia and Central Europe, and because of their trust in the country's political and social environment.

Ljubljana in Autumn

New environment-friendly LPP buses in Ljubljana

One of the sustainable measures of the European Mobility Week in Ljubljana this year is the acquisition of 33 new environment-friendly LPP buses.

Kino Šiška urban culture centre celebrating 10th anniversary

In the last decade, Kino Šiška has evolved into a key cultural institution and venue for contemporary music concerts, while its programme also includes visual and performing arts events.

The centre hosts the international contemporary dance festival CoFestival, the Ment festival of contemporary alternative music, and high school music band competition Špil Liga.