Latest on the coronavirus: WHO warns young people 'not invincible,’ death toll exceeds 11,300

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide kicked off the weekend under a coronavirus lockdown, as the global death toll accelerated sharply, and the World Health Organization warned young people they were "not invincible".

With borders and businesses closing, world hunkers down

With borders slamming shut, schools and businesses closing and increasingly drastic restrictions on movement, tens of millions of people were hunkered down on March 17, heeding government calls to isolate themselves and slow the spread of the new coronavirus.

From Southeast Asia to Europe to the Americas, people found their lives upended by lockdowns and social distancing.

Coronavirus: Live Updates

We're bringing you the latest updates as Southeast and Central Europe brace for an increase in the number of official cases of the coronavirus, with more countries in the region announcing states of emergency, lockdowns and partial shutdowns.

Empty streets, full houses: Italians getting used to the new way of life

On Monday the TV was on as I waited for my detective series to start when suddenly the screen went black, and the news intro music started playing.
It was an emergency broadcast from Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, addressing the nation about the extraordinary measures the government was taking to combat the new coronavirus.