Expert health committee to discuss school reopening on Monday

Greece's committee of health experts is expected to convene on Monday to decide on whether to allow schools to reopen briefly ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Schools had been scheduled to reopen on Monday with the expiry of the second lockdown extension, though the decision was postponed over the persistence of a high number of new coronavirus infections and hospitalizations.

The empty streets of Athens

Saturday evenings and Sundays make you painfully aware that there's a pandemic, as the center of Athens is like a desert landscape come Saturday afternoon. Thoroughfares like Solonos Street, especially, become ghosts of their former selves. Combined with the early nightfall and chilly weather, you definitely feel that something's wrong.

Keeping children in touch with school

Sofia Roboli records sign language lessons that are broadcast on public television, at an elementary school in Athens, Friday. Most other European countries have vowed to keep schools open, but the pandemic has hit Greece hard for the first time in recent weeks following a successful lockdown in the spring, overwhelming hospitals in parts of the country.

Museum project creating mosaic of life during pandemic

The initiative, titled Corona Into Museum ASAP!, aims to provide an overview of what the pandemic meant for Ljubljana for future generations.

Citizens are thus invited to contribute depictions or objects that represent their new day-to-day life amid coronavirus concerns and restrictions, and bear witness to history.

Quarantine ends for Nea Kavala refugee camp, extended in other facilities

Greek authorities ended a quarantine imposed on a refugee camp in Nea Kavala, northern Greece, after the tests conducted on a suspected coronavirus case and 350 other residents came back negative.

The quarantine was imposed after a woman in the facility reportedly tested positive for the virus.