Low-carbon economy

Solar park opens in Beocin

BEOCIN - Serbian Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antic has opened a 1 MW solar power plant in Tancos, Beocin municipality, near Novi Sad.

The investment is worth EUR 2 million, with EUR 1.4 million secured from an Erste bank loan.

The 2.5-hectare solar park, which has 4,500 solar panels, is one of the largest in Serbia, Antic told reporters on Wednesday after opening the plant.

Bulgaria Plans Pricing Talks with Green Energy Producers, Maritza East

Bulgaria will launch talks with green energy producers and power stations Maritsa Iztok 1 and 3 to draft a new model for setting electricity prices, a cabinet minister has said.

According to caretaker Economy and Energy Minister Vasil Shtonov, the new pricing model should benefit both the state and the energy companies.

UK to try ‘shale option’ to escape high renewable energy costs

Experts have said the U.K. may take a step toward hydraulic fracking to extract shale gas, given the high economic cost of subsidizing renewable energy, as the new Cabinet also signals such a tendency.

The U.K.’s new energy and environment ministers have bluntly said they oppose renewable energy and favor hydraulic fracking for extracting shale gas instead.

EBRD Finances Solar Project in Romania

The EBRD is loaning Spain's EDP Renovaveis, a leader in the renewable energy sector, with 20 million euro to construct and run six solar photovoltaic parks generating a total of 50MW in the southern Romanian region of Oltenia.

A parallel facility costing 10 million euro will be provided by the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, according to a statement released on Thursday.