GPS signal from wireless headphones leads police to airport thief

A member of the ground staff at Athens International Airport has confessed to stealing valuables from passengers' luggage on at least 70 occasions after police tracked him down by following the GPS signal from a pair of wireless headphones which he had stolen from a tourist's suitcase.

Turkish customs officials seize over 46 kg of drugs

Turkish customs officials seized over 46 kilograms (101 pounds) of drugs in separate anti-narcotic operations at the Istanbul Airport, according to security sources on Sept. 27. 

The officials found six passengers and two cargo shipments arriving in Turkey on different flights suspicious, said the sources on condition of anonymity.

EU unveils guidelines for travel, tourism

The European Commission unveiled a series of measures aimed at ensuring people can start traveling safely across the continent again as governments try to revive tourism and airline industries brought to a halt by the coronavirus.

Below are the general guidelines for air, rail, water and road travel and steps for each mode of transport: