Two Britons Traveled the World in Tandem Biking for 218 Days and 22 Hours

Two British doctors have set a new Guinness record, cycling over 28,000 km in 218 days and 22 hours, according to UPI.

The Guinness Book of Records notes that Lloyd Collier and Louis Paul Snellgrove have improved the previous achievement for the fastest round-the-world tandem bike tour for men by 9 days.

The exhausted majority

At the very time that history is about to repeat itself in some way, we are standing here, confused and leaderless, watching events unfold. The last generation who knew what war, poverty and a real crisis in Europe really meant, or lived near to people who knew, is bowing out of public life.

Streets in downtown Athens to close Sunday morning for race

A running event to be held in downtown Athens on Sunday will result in traffic restrictions in the city center from 6 a.m. to noon.

Vehicles will not be allowed on Alexandras Avenue, the stretch of Patission Street between Aghiou Meletiou Street and Omonia Square, or on Tsocha Street for the duration of the Runners' Avenue race, organized by the Panathinaikos soccer club.

Greek National Day parades for Ochi Day with traffic disruptions (vid)

The Greek National Holiday that commemorates Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas rejecting the Italian ultimatum for a right of passage through Greece on October 28, 1940, is typically commemorated with parades throughout Greece. Traffic blocks have been placed in major cities from early on Wednesday morning with a steady ban to traffic from 10 a.m. as well as parking bans from 6 a.m. onwards.