North Macedonia’s President: Only Macedonians with Low Self-Esteem are Afraid of "Bulgarianization"

"The threat of 'Bulgarianization' is a fiction of the opposition with the aim of instilling fear among Macedonians", believes the president of our southwestern neighbor, Stevo Pendarovski. He announced this in an interview with the local publication "Trilling".

No One in the Macedonian Government is Satisfied by the Compromise with Bulgaria

"It makes no sense to hold a referendum when, regardless of the result, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE does not plan to vote. Only one referendum makes sense - whether you are in favor of EU membership or not, all the other questions are a way of getting around the only real question. No one in the government is satisfied with the compromise that was made with Bulgaria".

President Radev: Bulgaria will Once Again stand in Solidarity with Fraternal Macedonia

"Bulgaria will once again stand in solidarity with fraternal Macedonia". This was stated by President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev during his meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Dimitar Kovachevski.

The head of state emphasized that our relations with the RNM have stood on a solid foundation.

Week in Review: Spies, Cyber Attacks and Endless Elections

Sinking Deeper

Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev arrives for a face-to-face EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, 25 May 2021. European Union leaders take part in a two day in-person meeting to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and Russia relations. EPA-EFE/JOHANNA GERON / POOL