Changes to digital labor card

The Labor Ministry is bringing significant changes to the digital work card, as well as providing incentives to speed up its use by businesses.

Its objectives remain the containment of undeclared labor and transparency in terms of employment, but ways are being sought to limit the bureaucratic hurdles that often make it difficult to properly implement the measure.

Mali: IMF Executive Board has approved first review under arrangement with Serbia

BELGRADE - The IMF Executive Board has decided that a first review under a stand-by arrangement with Serbia was successful, and Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said on Thursday the decision was another confirmation of the appropriateness of Serbia's economic policy and structural and institutional reforms.

UK recession fears mount

Fears that the British economy is heading for recession mounted sharply after the Bank of England raised borrowing costs by more than anticipated.

The Bank of England on June 22 decided to lift its main interest rate by half a percentage point to a fresh 15-year high of 5 percent.

Greedflation not a passing storm

Inflation is, of course, not only a Greek problem or just an imported problem. It's also not like a storm that can't be dealt with and you just wait for it to pass. Nor, again, is it a neutral phenomenon: It redistributes wealth. As long as consumption holds up, producers and retailers raise prices and profits. Are we experiencing greedflation?