Vucic: Meeting with Macron to address important topics, including so-called Kosovo, CoE

PARIS - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday evening would address various important topics including bilateral cooperation as well as Belgrade-Pristina ties and the so-called Kosovo's potential admission to the Council of Europe (CoE).

Macron: looking to build ‘humanitarian coalition’ for Gaza, in talks with Cyprus, Greece

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking after a European Union summit in Brussels, said several European countries are looking to build up a "humanitarian coalition" regarding Gaza and talks were being held with Cyprus and Greece over this.

"Cyprus could serve as a base for humanitarian operations," Macron said on Friday.


Macron considers blocking Social Media if there are New Riots in France

French President Emmanuel Macron is considering blocking social networks in his fight against further unrest in France, DPA reported.

"It will be necessary to think about which social networks are used by protesting youth and possible bans", Macron said at a meeting with mayors in Paris.