Magnetic resonance imaging

Shocking video: A girl gets badly beaten by her peers

This socking footage shows a 14-year-old girl getting severely beaten by at least five other girls after they lured her to a sleepover.

Naomi Johnson is punched repeatedly in the head, dragged by her hair and stamped on, while struggling to get away.

The vicious bullies later posted the attack on Twitter trying to ridicule their victim even further.

A Star Trek-like device to detect cancer tumors

A researcher team developed a device which reminds of the fictional Star Trek ‘tricorder,’ to detect early stage cancers without touching skin at all.

The device can identify tumors when pointed at a person’s body and according to the researchers, the technology can be more portable and less expensive than other cancer detection systems like MRIs and CTs, and safer than X-rays.

Greece issues several times more prescriptions, referrals than EU peers

Some 65 million medical prescriptions for a total of 200 million packets of medication are issued every year in Greece, along with 100 million referrals for medical tests, several times more than in fellow European Union states, according to data made public on Wednesday by the country’s main healthcare provider, EOPYY, and the European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network, EHFCN.