The Shipments from China are being Disinfected due to the Coronavirus

The postal operator in China informs that in order to prevent the risk of further transmission and spread of the new coronavirus, the Chinese government has mandated the country's postal operator of all consignments to the city of Wuhan and transit through the sorting centre in the city, to be desinfected officials from "Bulgarian Posts" said.

Suspicious envelopes found at Piraeus courthouse complex examined

The 11 suspicious envelopes found at a Piraeus courthouse complex on Thursday that prompted a mobilization of the police and fire brigade were to be examined Friday by state laboratories.

A preliminary examination by bomb disposal experts on Thursday showed that the envelopes did not contain explosives.

One of the envelopes reportedly contained a powdery substance.

Cyprus Post seeking ways to deliver packages with drones

The Cyprus Post have been seeking ways to utilise unmanned drones to deliver parcels of up to four kilos to the recipient, Andreas Gregoriou, Director of the Department of Postal Services, has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

To that end, the Department is in contact with the University of Cyprus KIOS Research Centre, according to Gregoriou.

Civil Protection Authority says suspicious letters are harmless

The Civil Protection Authority said on Friday that the suspicious envelopes sent to universities around the country this week did not contain any toxic substances, only an industrial adhesive identified in the first letter.

Samples from the letters were analyzed by the General Chemical State Laboratory in Athens.

Suspicious package sent to foreign ministry was harmless

A package that arrived by mail at the Greek Foreign Ministry on Friday and was deemed suspicious contained an electronic blood pressure monitor, according to police sources cited by state-run news agency ANA-MPA.

The parcel raised the alarm at the ministry which was evacuated by police earlier in the day.